Are you dabbling in innovation or does delighting customers drive your company? Read my interview with Europe’s leading startup and innovation journal, Sifted, a part of the Financial Times.

The Business Value of Design is a seminal study that finally confirms what designers felt all along: great design makes a significant contribution to the businesses that embrace it. I contributed to this study and helped clients roll out programs at their firms.

More than a feeling: ten design practices to deliver business value, an article I co-authored that became the springboard for the Value of Design study. This is a quick intro to how design can begin to make a difference at your company.

My 2020 keynote address at the annual Entrepreneurship Symposium helped entrepreneurs understand why design became so important to business — and more importantly, how to build design into their businesses.

My book, Design Like Apple: Seven Principles for Creating Insanely Great Products, Services and Experiences, outlines how leading companies get the most out of their investments in design process, design culture and design outcomes.

The future of “wearables” is creeping into our everyday lives, slower than many expected. Read my piece on Why the Apple Watch will succeed even if it fails to learn my perspective on how hardware and apps interact with our expectations of fashion.

Our parents owned cars; our children will get around. Read my piece on The Car As You Know It is Dead for one take on how that transformation will happen.